Queer British Art at Tate Britain: Is it wrong to group together LGBT

Billed as ‘the first major exhibition dedicated to queer British art’, Tate Britain's brand new show, which covers gay art from 1861 to 1967, joins a host of other galleries and museums celebrating the Sexual Offences Act of 1967, that partially decriminalised male homosexuality

The Imperial War Museum

Britian's national museum on war was founded to do a very different task to what it's known for today

Why are we wasting valuable time with pop art?

The British Museum is staging a blockbuster ‘The American Dream: Pop to the Present’, but why does the scholarly institution want to demean itself by using pop art as a selling point 

Donald Trump and the power and origin of the naked protest

When 100 semi-naked protesters marched on Trump Tower last month, some had decorated their bodies with fake wounds and scars representing the damage his administration might cause - joining a long history of naked demonstration 

The art of infertility

As artist Stuart Semple raises awareness of female egg donation and the problems of conceiving with artworks on display across the country, Matilda Battersby looks at the history of art and infertility, as opposed to the images of pregnant bellies that are everywhere in art

Iranian cartoonist opens up about her captivity

In her first interview to Western media since winning her release, Atena Farghadani talks about the horrific conditions behind bars in Iran and how she plans to continue producing political art, even if that means going to prison again