Cultural Life: Michael landy, artist

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I am very happy because 'America's Next Top Model' is the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th series – I can't tell it's always the same and the girls are interchangeable. I love Jay Manuel also known as "Mister Jay", but shhhh don't tell Gillian. Britain's top model, Australia's top model, Canada's top model they're all rubbish – only the Americans can pull off the top model.

Visual Arts

I am looking forward to seeing Gustav Metzger's show at The Serpentine. I am interested to see what an auto-destructive artist will come up with.


I recently watched Alan Clarke's 'Elephant' (1989) again, no script or anything... boom boom you're dead.


John Scanlon's book on Garbage addresses reasons why we find rubbish (which is a by-product of ourselves) so abhorrent. I also like the book 'The Destruction of Art: Iconoclasm and Vandalism since the French Revolution' by Dario Gamboni. I like the fact that the cleaners seem to be the final adjudicators on what is rubbish – having had my work thrown away by gallery cleaners this book has a resonance.

'Joyous Machines: Michael Landy and Jean Tinguely' at Tate Liverpool, until 10 January 2010