From sculptor's studio to catwalk collection


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Danish designer Peter Jensen finds his inspiration in the most unusual places. Each season he presents a muse for his collections – so far, as diverse a bunch as Jodie Foster, Cindy Sherman, disgraced ice-skater Tonya Harding and even his own Auntie Jytte. But for spring 2013 Jensen pays tribute to Barbara Hepworth, grande dame of British sculpture and friend of Picasso, Brancusi and Mondrian, in geometric circle prints and dulled navy mixed with chartreuse. Her artist's smock is reworked as a dress in simply but luxurious white georgette, while wide-brimmed hats by East London milliners Bernstock Speirs recall Möbius strips in their cutaway angles – a signature of Hepworth's work.

Later this month, models wearing the collection will sashay through the wings of Wakefield's Hepworth gallery in Yorkshire, as Peter Jensen explains his vision: “Being able to present the collection among the works she made is a really special opportunity.

”We look very much at the organic, feminine shapes of her work. It was very much to do with the holes in her sculptures. I felt like that was what I wanted to translate into the collection.“

One dress takes its expression from a pair of overalls. Her favourite view, of the garden to the studio in St Ives where she died in a fire, becomes a ditsy print.

Artwalk: Peter Jensen, The Hepworth, Wakefield ( 27 March