Get a real taste of Tim Head's talents

Artist seeks inspiration at Michelin-starred eatery Pied à Terre

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For the next few months, the British artist Tim Head will be seeking inspiration at a Michelin-starred restaurant. The 66-year-old is London eatery Pied à Terre's annual artist-in-residence.

"Art has always been important to the restaurant," says owner David Moore, "but we thought, rather than investing in yet more art here, why not have intervention from a third-party over whom we have little control?"

Head is planning a complete overhaul, his theme overlapping circles, some to be featured on the plates themselves. "I like the idea of creating something both artistic and functional," he says. His centrepiece will be lunar-like discs suspended from the walls and the dining room's vast mirror, thereby creating multiple reflections so that diners feel they are suspended in space.

The exhibition opens at Pied à Terre, London W1 ( on 8 October