Picture Preview: Paul Morrison, Auctorum


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Sheffield-based artist Paul Morrison has established a global audience for his bold and intriguing images over the past 15 years. Having shown in solo exhibitions in major cities from Tokyo to New York, his first large-scale solo show in his home town opens tomorrow.

Taking place at the Millennium Gallery, Morrison's exhibition will feature paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture and film from the last three years as well as a host of new works including a vast new wall painting.

Morrison’s striking, often black and white, work finds its inspiration in the historic and contemporary, from engravings and botanical illustrations to comics and animation.  Found images are then seamlessly woven together using digital software and often re-created on an epic scale, on walls or buildings.

Paul Morrison: Auctorum at Millenium Gallery, Sheffield 7 June to 4 November 2012, www.museums-sheffield.org.uk/museums/millennium-gallery/home