Portfolio: Yann Gross

'Kitintale 2008-09'
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"I love exploring the way people come together," says the award-winning Swiss photographer Yann Gross, 29. "Two years ago, I visited my girlfriend who was working in Uganda, and she took me to this skate park she'd found in Kitintale, a working-class suburb of Kampala. It's the first east African skate park, and as a skateboarder I was fascinated by the community that had built up around it. It was constructed entirely by local kids. I ended up staying there for two months; I became friends with them first, and only then I started to take pictures.

"Here, you can see some goats milling around. It's a poor neighbourhood; there's no big shops, just small huts made of bricks and mud. The park is a little island in the middle, where the children can live their dream."