Preview: Shotgun by Imbue

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He's been known to smuggle fake heroin and cocaine vending machines onto Brighton pier and deface Cheryl Cole's L'Oreal billboards. Now artist-come-media-stunt-pro Imbue is to display his latest work at No Walls Gallery, Brighton.

An explosive collection of prints, collages, mirrors and balloons, Imbue's latest collection, Shotgun, is both provocative and suggestive.

From dope-smoking Pooh Bear to eviscerated Barbie, Imbue pushes the boundaries of acceptability, contorting the characters and logos ingrained in our psyche.

The Banksy of Brighton, Imbue expresses a passionate love/hate relationship with popular culture, establishing himself as one of the area's most up-and-coming artists.

A London-born artist, Imbue now lives and works in Brighton, and has his artwork exhibited around the world.

Shotgun will be on display at No Walls Gallery, 13a Prince Albert Street, Brighton, from 5 until 28 August. For more information visit

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