Modern Icons: Drums and wires

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I HAVE arranged the instruments in a sculptural way. That's the way I was trained and my work has evolved to the point where I can just place objects together. In this case they're the things that make up a rock band, because that's the music that's closest to me.

If I'd been into classical music I would have used an orchestra's instruments. The whole idea represents a moment of expectancy - it might be before a performance. It suggests a certain potential. The instruments are plugged in, switched on and ready to go. But it could easily be after the event. It depends upon the viewer. There's also an element of fantasy. Everyone wants to be a rock 'n' roll star- but people can also get a kind of a kick out of not picking up a guitar. Most of them know that the minute they pick it up they won't be able to play it. There's no falsehood about it. What I couldn't anticiptate was the audience participation. Word has obviously got out that there's a free rehearsal room down here and people have taken advantage of that. Now that's an intrinsic part of it. In fact I've started to record the sessions and I want to make a CD of them.

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