Donald Trump bus subtly altered to read ‘Make Fruit Punch Great Again’, confusing supporters

Note to politicians: dispose of your tour buses properly

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When a tour bus used by Donald Trump and still emblazoned with his logos popped up on Craigslist late last year, art collective t.Rutt sensed an opportunity.

Co-founders David Gleeson and Mary Mihelic immediately snapped it and started considering what to do with this “nice piece of raw material”.

While turning it into a rainbow hippy bus might have been tempting, they instead kept their alterations minimal and started driving it to Trump rallies across the US, fooling a lot of ardent supports who saw the familiar red, white and blue.

“People come over and they’re all excited and they don’t even read that it says Make Fruit Punch Great Again,” Mihelic told the Guardian of the reference to his ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan. “And they’re just totally taking pictures and then you’ll hear someone say, ‘Honey, it’s a gag! It’s a gag!’ And we just crack up.”

The bus’s true colours are plain by nightfall at the rallies however, when Gleeson stands on top of the bus in a neon jacket and drives a golf club into a ball with Trump’s face on it.

The vehicle has undergone a number of changes, with the slogan at one point being ’T.RUTT #WomenTrumpTrump’ in response to his negative comments towards women.

“The T.RUMP Bus uses the bizarre realities of Donald Trump’s bullying presidential campaign to explore important questions about American society today,” the collective said in a statement. “The bus is a great platform for responding to Trump’s daily belligerence, whether it be racial, religious, sexist, or his teasing of a handicapped reporter.”

(via Hyperallergic)