Hyperrealistic paintings of women 'living in nature without malice'

The reaction to Yigal Ozeri's astonishing paintings, composed of thousands of tiny brushstrokes, has two elements to it. There's an immediate hit of 'holy shit, that's not a photograph' and then a sense of hollowness, of sadness - perhaps even existential unease, as you realise how a combination of paint can look just as alive and present as a real human being.

MUJI is selling tiny huts

Japanese minimalist home products brand MUJI is encouraging its customers to embrace nature by selling compact wooden huts.

Photographer explores the female gaze in delicate but deliberate shots

You’re probably familiar with the ‘male gaze’, a term coined in 1975 by feminist critic Laura Mulvey, and you’ve certainly come into contact with it if you’ve seen a single film, photograph or television show in your lifetime, so pervasively masculine is the point of view of most cameras.