New Van Gogh painting authenticated

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A 19th century painting of a Paris mill has been confirmed as the work of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, 35 years after its owner first made the claim, a museum in the Netherlands said Wednesday.

The painting was authenticated by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam after a comprehensive study that started in 2007.

Dated to 1886 and entitled The Le Blute-fin Mill, "the painting is authentic," Ralph Keuning, director of the Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle in the central Netherlands, told AFP.

The oil canvas, which is 55.2 centimetres (21.7 inches) high and 38 centimetres wide, was bought by the museum's founder, Dirk Hannema, from an art dealer in Paris in 1975.

At the time he said he believed it was an "absolute certainty" that the painting was the work of the artist.

"Finally, he has been proven right," said Keuning.

It goes on display at the Museum de Fundatie from Thursday until July 4, alongside other works by the painter with similarities to the latest find.

Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands on March 30, 1853. Before he turned to painting at the age of 27, he worked as an art dealer's apprentice and a preacher. He moved to Paris in 1886, where he was influenced by impressionist painters.

The artist, known for his bold, tempestuous brushwork and having cut off his own ear, died at Auvers-sur-Oise near Paris in July 1890 after shooting himself in the chest.