Rudy de Belgeonne - Redefining modern man

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'Who’s the Man' is a huge installation of a thousand hand-painted panels with words used to describe and define the modern man.

The centerpiece of the exhibition, which opens at The Future Gallery in June 2010, will be formed by work from Rudy de Belgeonne.

Inspired by all the weird and wonderful names he’s been called over the years, Rudy plays with the ever-changing identity and categorisation of the modern man by creating definitions of masculinity packaged as products, as each word becomes a logo in glossy enamel colours.

The placement of each panel allows you to read left to right, top to bottom as a narrative builds to humorous network of word-play. The entire work (5m x 4m) will be accompanied by a limited-edition series of hand re-touched prints of each of the various subsets including good guys, bad guys, role models, gay guys, insults and big shots.

'Who’s The Man?' runs from 3-8 June at The Future Gallery, London, WC2H 7HY. Entrance is free.