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John Bellany is all too often written off as a painter of fishing boats and Gaelic symbolism meaningless to a non-Celtic audience. On the strength of his present showing, this is far from the case. These are powerful, intense works whose prolonged study repays the viewer.

Talbot Rice Arts Centre, Edinburgh (0131-650 2211) to 10 Sept

That Danish art did not end with the well-known Skagen landscape school of the 1880s is evinced by a fascinating exhibition. Particularly revealing are Jens Willumsen's Fauvist nudes, the minimalism of Soren Jensen and Elisabeth Toubro and, of course, the faux-primitif paintings of Asger Jorn.

Edinburgh City Art Centre (0131-529 3993) to 30 Sept

One of the West Country's most neglected abstractionists, George Dannatt, is given a deserving outing from this Saturday. Influenced by John Wells and Naum Gabo, Dannatt, 80 this year, makes engaging Nicholson-esque paintings with a resonance that betrays his erstwhile career as a music critic.

Book Gallery St Ives (01736 793545) to 29 Sept