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Dutch Flower Painting 1600-1750

Just what was it that made the Dutch so good at painting flowers? Here's your chance to find out in a hypnotically seductive demonstration of 50 ways to paint a petal. Velvety visions by Breughel, Bosschaert, de Heem, van Huysum, Seghers and others.

Dulwich Picture Gallery, SE21 (0181-693 5254). To 29 Sept.

John Piper

A rare exhibition of the work of this often under-estimated British neo- romantic. Early works in oil and water-colour: churches, landscapes and decaying country houses.

Spink, King St, St James's, SW1 (O171-930 7868). Tomorrow to 31 July.

Jonathan Parsons

The name is not yet as familiar as that of Hirst, but on this evidence, it will not be long before Mr Saatchi is buying wholesale. Everything you would expect from a young turk of British conceptualism - and then some. Paintings, sculpture and mixed-media, including soft cushion road signs and a road map of Britain in a perspex box.

Richard Salmon, Studio 4, 59 Edwardes Sq, W5.(0171-602 9494). To 23 July