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Maggi Hambling

A new series of bronze sculptures and a set of monochrome monotypes reveal that, following her recent excursion into abstraction, Hambling is still more at home with the figurative. The bronzes are particularly successful.

Weds to2 Mar, Marlborough Fine Art, London W1 (0171-629 5161)

Imagined Communities

Nine artists show works that explore the thesis that with the new technology, traditional concepts of community have all but disappeared. Sophie Calle photographs hotel bedrooms. Christian Boltanski snaps the new kids at a school in Lisson Grove. Other pieces include politicians' heads on animal bodies, and what the citizens of Russia, Finland and the US would like to see on their walls.

To 24 Mar. Oldham Art Gallery (0161-911 4653)

Bridget Riley

The queen of Op Art shows off her latest eye-dazzling paintings. Some might say that the only difference between these and Riley's work of the 1960s is that they are in colour, but that would be to miss the point. Far from tired, they are the culmination of 30 years of experiment and investigation.

Weds to 2 Mar. Waddington Galleries and Karsten Schubert, London W1 (0171- 631 0031)