Weekly art websites: Turner Prize winners on the web

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This week's art websites takes a look at the websites of some of the artists who have won the UK's controversial contemporary art award, the Turner Prize.

1985 winner Howard Hodgkin - http://www.howardhodgkin.org.uk/
The works of British-born painter Howard Hodgkin are often bright, spontaneous and "semi-abstract" in nature.

2000 winner Wolfgang Tillmans - http://tillmans.co.uk/
German-born artist Wolfgang Tillmans won the award in 2000 for his striking photographs, images that balance between "intention and chance."

2001 winner Martin Creed - http://www.martincreed.com/
Conceptual artist Martin Creed won the 2001 Turner Prize for his work the lights going on and off - what was essentially an empty room in which the lights turned on and off.

2002 winner Keith Tyson - http://www.keithtyson.com/
The work of the 2002 Turner Prize winner revolves around concepts of generative systems and the complexities of existence.

2004 winner Jeremy Deller - http://www.jeremydeller.org/
The works of video artist Jeremy Deller have a strong political focus and are often ephemeral in nature.

2010 winner Susan Philipsz - http://www.tanyabonakdargallery.com/artist.php?art_name=Susan%20Philipsz
In 2010, Susan Philipsz became the first artist to win the Turner Prize with a work of sound (her winning artwork was a sound installation featuring her singing a traditional Scottish song).