Arts: Exit Poll - Giacomo Costa, Photology London

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28, photographer, London

I found the work very impressive, and it has been really interesting to see this style. I find it innovative, claustrophobic and peaceful; it is a whole mixture of things. The work is cutting-edge and contemporary. And it is nice to see a different exhibition for a change: something I have never seen before.


26, teacher, London

I find the concrete ones particularly interesting, because they are quite strong and contemporary. I found the collage of buildings fascinating, perhaps because it is done with digital photography. I think the digital side has worked pretty well, when it often doesn't quite gel. Here, it has been used sensitively.



37, photographer, London

I am into architecture, so his work appeals to me. Especially the clustering of the blocks of flats. I like the way the planes intersect; some are clean cityscapes, with empty streets, but the layer upon layer represents a dirtiness, and the ugliness of the architecture. The digital work is nice, simple, and not over-obvious.


19, student,


They are like two different worlds put together. There are contemplative photographs, such as the one with the long sea wall and sea, and also busy city environments. I prefer the city photographs because they really give you an idea of big houses and how cities are getting more and more crowded.