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I thought, if I met the man who wrote this I'd probably break his fucking legs - Daniel Day-Lewis, on the critic who claimed that because of his breakdown during Hamlet, he can never consider himself a successful actor, Time Out

I'd be delighted to give it to a really good murder mystery or science fantasy - Professor John Bayley, Booker Prize chairman, Independent

It's not so much a failure as a fraud. The attempt to make any kind of political statement is fatally compromised by the blatant falsehoods it contains - Alasdair Palmer, documentary film-maker, on In the Name of the Father, Spectator

Film tells an emotional story. It is meant to reveal the truth, it is not meant to reflect the truth. The story's there for all to see - Jim Sheridan, director of In the Name of the Father, Start the Week (Radio 4)

Really important historical truths do not lend themselves to fictional representation - Jonathan Miller, ibid

I'm the sort of person that thinks maybe, just this once, the chocolate machine on the Tube station will work and why not try it? Of course it never does, and it just feeds that kind of 'sodding typical' attitude that people relate to - Jack Dee, comedian, on the secret of his success, Time Out

How else would I occupy myself? I can't play golf and I'm too old to have compulsive love affairs - John Mortimer, asked why he still writes at the age of 70, Radio Times

Yesterday was the feast of the Conversion of St Paul. I can only hope the same blinding light and impact of conversion will profitably fall upon the Treasury and the Department of National Heritage - Lord Palumbo, chairman of the Arts Council, on the Government's decision to cut its subsidy, Daily Telegraph

I have never read a poem - David Evans, MP, chairman of the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee, New Statesman