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Without disparaging her enormous gifts, I would say that she isn't quite kosher from an academic point of view. She is a bit shallow, and she is out to shock. I mean she is really to be compared to Julie Burchill.

Roger Scruton on Camille Paglia, Sunday Telegraph

To be perfectly honest, we'd be lucky to get her.

Kenneth Branagh assesses his chances of starring his wife, Emma Thompson, in his next movie, New York Times

Despite his claims to the contrary, I have never met Brett and wouldn't wish to; he sounds like a deeply boring young man.

Morrissey on young pretender Brett Anderson of Suede, Vox

Let's not beat about the bush: we became a byword for crap. The low point came when someone faxed out an advert for a haemorrhoid ointment which claimed that 'this makes even sitting through an episode of Eldorado tolerable'.

Leslee Unwin, Eldorado's Joy Slater, Observer

It's not for my knowledge of modern art, it's for my publicity appeal.

Jerry Hall on her appointment as a trustee of the Tate Gallery, Daily Telegraph

I don't have an agent so there's no danger of anyone contacting me to offer me bad parts.

Jaye Davidson on life after The Crying Game, Sun