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A movie on video cassette always looks better than it is, but is somehow less interesting; whereas in the cinema films often look worse than they are, but are more interesting. You figure it out.

Gore Vidal, novelist, essayist and occasional actor, Independent

The airwaves are packed with atrocious sounds that wouldn't sell to a starving man if made of Christmas cake.

Jonathan King, jack of all pop-music trades, Music Week

Although everyone would love to see me with my drawers down, it ain't happening.

Whitney Houston, singer and now actress, Time Out

We're both tall. We're both funny. It should have worked.

Jeff Goldblum, on being married to fellow actor Geena Davis, GQ

I wouldn't have enjoyed being a Lady because of someone else's work.

Sarah Brightman, singer, on having only been Mrs Andrew Lloyd Webber, Evening Standard