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A dose of Liverpool: Homeopathy is set to receive a shot in the arm from the Liverpool Health Authority. The authority has agreed to implement the recommendations of a report on complementary care, which will mean the loss of the 10 bed in-patient ward at Mossley Hill Hospital and its replacement with a specialist homeopathic service. The British Homeopathic Association is enthusiastic about the reallocation. "This will create easier access for a greater number of people to a wider range of therapies," says Enid Seagall of the BHA.

Blotto: Forget handing round chocolates at dinner parties. Enlightened entertainers have taken to passing round blotting paper to perspiring guests, the domestic equivalent of those hot, sticky towels proffered on planes. "People are always intrigued by new ideas," says Clare McKay of Shiseido, talking up its Pureness Oil Blotting Paper. "They like the notion that something can be used for communal as well as personal grooming."

Pureness Oil Blotting Paper pounds 9.50 for 100 sheets. For stockists: 0171- 792 1575.

My Little Pony Tail: The "100 per cent natural" Mane 'n Tail shampoo, used on horses for decades, is to be marketed for the first time in this country for us two-legs. Apparently grooms have been stealing shampoo from their equine charges for years and loving the results. What next? Canine mouthwash to tackle dog breath? Probably.

Mane 'n Tail Shampoo, pounds 4.95 for 355ml. Mane 'n Tail Conditioner, pounds 4.95 for 335ml. Hoofmaker - Hand, Nail and Protein Creme, pounds 4.35 for 133g.

Wetting the baby's head: Infants may not have a lot of hair - or none at all - but if you wish to lavish the most luxuriant hair-care products on your sprog's few tufts, then here's the new ultra chi-chi plant-derived detergent-free products from Phyto. The seven shampoos, cleansers and lotions in the Phyto Baby range are available from Harrods, of course.

Baby Sweet Almond Oil Care Shampoo, pounds 8.50 for 150ml.

The folic thing: Next month, the vitamin company Cantassium is launching its second campaign to promote the importance of folic acid in preventing spina bifida and limb defects in new-born babies. Folic acid is a B vitamin and can help stop foetuses developing spinal defects by helping the efficient division of cells in the growing baby. A Gallup survey shows only one in four mothers knew about the benefits of taking folic acid.

For a leaflet and trial pack of Cantassium Folic Acid, send two first- class stamps and an SAE to ASBAH/Folic Acid, Larkhall Natural Health Ltd, 225 Putney Bridge Road, London SW15 2PY.

Stand by your tan: Baywatch has launched its own sun tan lotion. Yes, you too can look like Pamela Anderson - that long-flowing golden hair, those jutting breasts, that spray-on swimsuit. And that's just the boys.

Baywatch Sunguard Lotions, pounds 2.99 for 200ml. Available from stockists nationwide.