BOOK REVIEW / Detailed study of woodcuts and wood engraving: 'Wood Engraving and the Woodcut in Britain, 1890-1990' - James Hamilton: Barrie & Jenkins, 40 pounds

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Woodcuts and wood engraving are most often associated with book illustration, with the monochrome delicacies of Gwen Raverat or Gordon Craig, or the Arts and Crafts Movement in general: this work by Sean Scully ('Passage' 1991) shows how more recent artists have widened the scope of these techniques. It is one of 200 images in James Hamilton's Wood Engraving and the Woodcut in Britain, 1890-1990 (Barrie & Jenkins pounds 40), a detailed study that relates the British tradition to its Continental influences and reveals the talents of many lesser-known artists.

(Photograph omitted)