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1 Hannibal Thomas Harris/Heinemann pounds 16.99

The doctor cleans up

2 Death Du Jour Kathy Reichs/Heinemann pounds 10.99

More slice and dice than Jamie Oliver

3 Naked Chef Jamie Oliver/M.Joseph pounds 18.99

The recipe: a Jagger lookalike, some foodstuffs, and lots of hype

4 Science Of Discworld Terry Pratchett etc/Ebury pounds 14.99

How all that wizardy could really work

5 Star Wars: Episode One D Reynolds/Dorling Kindersley pounds 12.99

The visual dictionary - in case you fell asleep during the film

6 Star Wars: Episode One Terry Brooks/Century pounds 15.99

Yawn, yawn. This time it's the novel version

7 Ancient Wisdom Modern World Dalai Lama/Little, Brown pounds 14.99

The red-robed one imparts some thoughts

8 Score! Jilly Cooper/Bantam pounds 16.99

Including instructions on how to copulate on a xylophone

9 As It Is In Heaven Niall Williams/Picador pounds 14.99

Meditative new novel from the author of `Four Letters of Love'

10 Uriel's Machine Christopher Knight/Century pounds 17.99

An 18th-century Scottish Indiana Jones