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1 Bridget Jones: The Edge ... Helen Fielding/Picador pounds 12.99

She's back. And more tiresome than ever

2 Fifth Elephant Terry Pratchett/Doubleday pounds 16.99

Werewolves and vampires in the 24th Discworld yarn

3 Adrian Mole Sue Townsend/M Joseph pounds 14.99

Nerd becomes a celebrity chef and a single parent

4 New British Classics Gary Rhodes/BBC pounds 20 Return of the modernist of British cuisine

5 'Tis Frank McCourt/Flamingo pounds 17.99 The next instalment from the author of `Angela's Ashes'

6 Walking with Dinosaurs Tim Haines/BBC pounds 19.99

Long-extinct beasties stalk the land

7 Guinness World Records: Millennium Edition Guinness pounds 18

More weirdos doing odd and unpleasant things

8 Disgrace J M Coetzee/Secker pounds 14.99

Personal accountability in the new South Africa. Booker Prize-winner

9 If Only Geri Halliwell/Bantam pounds 16.99 The tears, the triumphs, the platform shoes, the fake affairs

10 White Cap and Bails Dickie Bird/Hodder pounds 18.99 Cricket anecdotes and yarns