BOOKS: PICK OF THE WEEK: Dave Gorman Mon to Thur Stafford, Sheffield, Nottingham & Leeds

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One day, a stranger emailed the comedian Dave Gorman and told him that his web page contained a "googlewhack" (two words that, when fed into the Google internet search engine, result in a unique web page being found). He could have simply deleted the email, but instead he became obsessed by this spoddy internet game, and decided to set off around the world to meet some fellow devotees.

The writer is on the road again this week, discussing the book he wrote about his journey, Googlewhack Adventure (pounds 7.99 Ebury), which details some of the real oddballs that he met on the four continents he crossed.

"Googlewhacking started taking over my life," he says of his addiction. It turns out to have been a financially healthy obsession, though - last year, the hardback edition topped the Sunday Times bestseller list.

The Surgery, Crabbery St, Stafford (01785 222212) Mon, 7pm, pounds 3; Waterstone's, Orchard Sq, Sheffield (0114-272 8971) Tue, 7pm, pounds 3; Waterstone's, Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham (0115-948 4499) Wed, 7.30pm, pounds 3; Borders, Briggate, Leeds (0113-242 4400) Thur, 7pm, free