BOOK REVIEW / Art and Christianity: 'Art and the Beauty of Good' - Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford: Mowbray, 14.99 pounds

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'The Old Testament Trinity' by Andrei Rublev, taken from 'Art and the Beauty of Good' by Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford, Mowbray, pounds 14.99. The book is a concise and graceful essay about art and Christianity: a serious theological attempt to reconcile beauty and truth. This is not a fashionable critical position, but Harries doesn't care. 'Beauty is one of those big words that modern philosophy tiptoes around,' he writes. His discussion includes Wilfred Owen, Dostoyevsky, Rembrandt, Browning, Aquinas, Kundera, Beckett, Plato and Andrei Rublev. The book does not tip-toe, but it does manage to move through these great names with unusual lightness and authority.

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