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Look out for The Printer's Devil, a bi-annual magazine of excellent new writing published from Hove and distributed by Serpent's Tail. Diabolic fun is to be had ("In the early 19th century the Society for the Suppression of Virtue was formed in Brighton. It was then itself suppressed...") and devilish cred for each issue is established by a "deadly sin": the fifth issue had Nick Hornby on Envy; the sixth (Issue F) sidles up to the notion of Sloth. But in this latest ("Legal") issue, there are also tough-talking and distinctly unslothful pieces from Ronan Bennett (on the burning of Long Kesh), Helena Kennedy, Marina Warner and others. There's a "New Arrivals in Hell" obituary (Terry James, in fact very affectionate on John Osborne); also a curious political testimony by Richard Gott.

Meanwhile, from America, more beatific news: Simon & Schuster are soon to pour down on us sweetness and light in the form of AngelspeakTM: How to Talk with Your Angels. Praying, it seems, is passe: in this "seven- step method" you have to write to your own special angels to "actively ask for help, for understanding, for support". Everyone knows a lot of people who need this book badly, but don't all rush at once: it isn't about to be published here yet. For now, you'll have to make do with the Devil.

! The Printer's Devil (ISBN 1 85242 062 6) is available from good bookshops at pounds 4.99