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WRITERS: 1 Edmund Spenser; 2 Sir Thomas More; 3 John Donne; 4 Francis Bacon; 5 Mary Queen of Scots; 6 George Chapman.

QUOTATIONS: 7 Francis Bacon; 8 Mary Tudor; 9 Cardinal Wolsey; 10 Elizabeth I; 11 Sir Thomas More on the scaffold; 12 Thomas Cranmer.

THEATRE: 13 The Theatre (1576); 14 a Richard III; b Arragon (Merchant of Venice); c Agamemnon (Troilus and Cressida); 15 Marlowe's Jew of Malta ; 16 Qu'est-ce qu'il dit qui n'a pas lu? 17 They are all offstage characters.

MUSIC: 18 "Veni Creator Spiritus" by Luther; 19 Thomas Morley; 20 a collection of mixed instruments (ie wind, percussion, strings) as opposed to instruments from the same family; 21 Thomas Weelkes; 22 Because he was a Catholic.

HOUSES & GARDENS: 23 The Mount; 24 Robert Smythson; 25 Robert Cecil, first Earl of Salisbury, Hatfield House; 26 Tradescantia virginiana (after John Tradescant the elder); 27 Anne of Denmark (James I's queen) and Henrietta Maria (Charles I's queen); 28 Oxford.

FOOD & PHYSIC: 29 to protect from the Plague; 30 as a medicine for lung trouble; 31 Spanish marmalade.

PICTURE QUESTIONS: 1 a goldfinch; b 23; c quince; d marmoset; e goldfinch; f cherries; g a ship; h diamonds; i aiglets. 2a James I (VI of Scotland); b an oak; c the emblem of the Prince of Wales. 3a Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia; b George I. 4 Anne of Cleves, painted by Holbein for Henry VIII. 5 Elizabeth I; the Phoenix portrait (above) and the Ditchley portrait (below).


The winner is Ms C Cutbush of Brighton, who receives a pounds 100 Waterstone's voucher plus membership of the Friends of the Tate Gallery and a catalogue for the "Dynasties" exhibition.

The ten runners-up, who each receive a pounds 10 Waterstone's voucher and a pair of tickets to the exhibition "Dynasties: Painting in Tudor and Jacobean England" at the Tate Gallery, Millbank, London SW1, are:

Mrs Jennifer Acornley of Coombe Bissett; Elizabeth Quarmby of Huntingdon; Jennifer Ribeiro of Walton-on-Thames; Betty Halse of Pickering; George Hooper of London W12; R M Butler of Acomb, York; Gill Talbot of Oxford; Mrs Anne Baker of Oxford; Gabrielle Rivers of Bootham, York; Margaret Wiles of London SW1.