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* In a move as inevitable as drugs in sport (apparently), disgraced sprinter Dwain Chambers is to write his autobiography for Libros International. The deal was done by his agent, sports memorabilia merchant Simon Dent, and sources expect Chambers to "name names", with serious ramifications for the world of sport. In a synopsis (with "My Way" as his epigraph), Chambers writes about being "victimised", promises to give "my solution to rid athletics of drugs overnight" and offers tales of his womanising: "I also tell how I slept with the sister of an England footballer and a gold medal-winning athlete from America. And read about that one and only disaster date with Kelly Holmes and what I really think of her." Who said chivalry in sport was dead?

* Itchy Coo, the children's arm of Edinburgh-based Black and White Publishing, this month adds another "translation" to its list. Having tackled Roald Dahl, James Robertson has translated Winnie-the-Pooh into Scots. Pooh and Roo, Tigger, Owl, Eeyore and Christopher Robin will have more than a touch of tartan about their accents as they play in 100-Acre Wood, perhaps relocated to the Cairngorms.

* With the Hachette UK/ Amazon stand-off continuing, news that the internet giant is to acquire online second-hand emporium Abe Books has been met with further hand-wringing. Meanwhile, rumours suggest that Jane Friedman, recently departed global President and CEO of HarperCollins, is about to join the company.

* Clever Faber has unveiled a series of creative writing courses under the banner of the Faber Writing Academy. The first is in Paris at Shakespeare & Co, the fabled Left Bank bookshop, from 9-12 October, is taught by Jeanette Winterson and Tobias Hill, and costs £500. A second course is planned in London and led by Ian McEwan, followed by Edinburgh, Dublin and Berlin.