The Word On: Amazon's Kindle 2

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"Amazon's introduction of the Kindle 2 had all the makings of a product launch by consumer electronics wunderkind Apple. [But] As much as some might try to draw parallels between Amazon's approach to books and Apple's take on music... the latest generation of Amazon's sleek, white little electronic book reader is no iPod for the book world... The company is... reluctant to push too aggressively — most noticeably, by pricing the Kindle 2 at $359, the same price as its predecessor... Amazon is in something of a catch-22. Lowering Kindle's price too much might threaten Amazon's print book business."

Douglas Macmillan (

"During the presentation Jeff Bezos asserted that Kindle's 'vision' was to have 'every book ever printed in any language available in less than sixty seconds.'.... The event was attended by publishing's elite, many of whom left with some real concerns".

Philip Jones (

"Although we haven't found any information about the materials used in the Kindle and its packaging, this has to be one of the greenest products there is. Whatever they use for making them, it's outweighed by the savings on trees, chemicals, and water used in the production of real books, printed on both new and recycled paper."

Jesus Diaz (