Hong Kong illustrators hit Europe's largest comic fair

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A collection of Hong Kong's brightest creators have this week been given a rare opportunity to show their works at Europe's largest comic festival.

The 38th Angoulême International Comics Festival ( http://www.bdangouleme.com) runs January 27-30 in the southwestern French city and each year gathers together Europe's - and the world's - leading comic artists, publishers and distributors and, of course, the comic fans who make the trade all possible.

At the center of this year's festival is the "Kaleidoscope - History of Hong Kong Comics Exhibition," which has been produced by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and is being sponsored by CreateHK, which was formed in 2009 to help support the city's young artists.

The exhibition showcases the work of Hong Kong's comic artists from 1960 to the present day, charting their development and featuring the work of renowned Hong Kong artists such as Craig Au Yeung, Chihoi Lee and Laitattatwing, whose "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" will also screen as part of the program.

"This exhibition means a lot to the local comics industry. Apart from introducing Hong Kong comics to foreign readers, it helps our comics artists connect with overseas markets," Jerry Liu, head of CreateHK said in a press release marking the event.

The Hong Kong Arts Centre's Connie Lam - who is heading a delegation of Hong Kong artists to the French event - said the organizers wanted to show the world everything that was going on in her city's arts community.

"We chose works that bear significant importance on the whole of society, so visitors can see how life has changed in Hong Kong through comic books," said Connie Lam. "I believe the exhibition will help deepen the impression of Hong Kong comics to fans worldwide."

38th Angoulême International Comics Festival
January 27-20
Angoulême, France