How much would you pay to go to the V&A?

Alan Borg, the new director of the V&A, suggests that most visitors could afford a pounds 10 entry fee. We put this to people visiting the museum this week (for free)
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Mrs Simons, retired, Elstree:

pounds 10 is worth it, but I don't think that the majority of people can afford it. There are other museums to go to, and I'm afraid they'll outprice themselves.

Mr Grant, 29, traveller, South Africa:

I suppose it depends on your interests, but just a normal traveller or normal tourist who is not especially interested in art is not going to pay. About pounds 4 is OK for admission, and less for students.

Ruth Lovegrove, 19, student, Cardiff:

It's worth pounds 10 on the basis of what I've just seen, but they're already taking that off us in taxes, so I wouldn't be prepared to pay that, especially as a student. I think it's best just giving donations: I'd give a donation but if it was demanded I wouldn't agree with it, because it's heritage and we should be able to see it for nothing.

Oliver White, 17, sixth-former, Devon:

I wouldn't pay pounds 10. I wouldn't pay the price they suggest here as a donation, pounds 4.50, myself. I would have thought pounds 2.50 was about normal; that's what they've charged at most of the other galleries I've been to, and this one isn't my favourite at all.

Lesley Griggs, floral designer, Gloucester:

I honestly don't think you should have to pay for museums. I would pay, personally, but I think there are people who can't afford pounds 10 admission. I think maybe up to pounds 5, with a reduction for children, might be acceptable.

Mark Campbell, 36, businessman, London:

Though it's probably worth paying, maybe this is what they should be using some of the lottery money for. I often come here, but I would not really be happy if they were to start charging; I would certainly cut down on the number of visits I make.

Graham Taylor, 40, airport employee, Heathrow:

It offers everything to everybody, particularly the student, but I think pounds 10 is a bit excessive. I would say about pounds 5, pounds 5.50, but I can remember coming here with my father and getting in for free, though you could make a donation. I think this is free enterprise going a little bit too far.

Wendy Hanford, 45, housewife, Haywards Heath:

For what's actually in there I expect that it's quite reasonable to have to pay, but I doubt ordinary people living around London could afford it. pounds 10 is way too much per visit.

Luke Arpidge, 58, company president, USA:

I'd be happy to pay pounds 10 to see what I've seen, and I think most tourists would, though I guess people living locally would object.

Interviews by Scott Hughes