JK Rowling debunks two major Harry Potter fan theories

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JK Rowling often delights fans by engaging with them and offering new details on the Harry Potter series that can change and even enhance their understanding of the books. 

Just last month she revealed in a Twitter Q&A the (not entirely unsurprising) news that Hagrid was unable to produce a Patronus charm as his magic was not powerful enough. A week on she revealed one fan's idea that Dumbledore is actually death was her favourite: "a beautiful theory [that] fits" the books. 

Earlier this year, in June, she revealed that the Dursley family loathed Harry Potter enough to leave him in the cupboard under the stairs because Vernon Dursley disliked his father, James. 

However Rowling also clearly has no qualms about shutting down theories that don’t work quite so well, and is often forced to debunk wild speculation on social media about her beloved characters. 

Despite keen fans putting together “evidence” of Ronald Weasley being a time-travelling Dumbledore, Rowling today tweeted that this theory is false.

And asked about the idea that Draco Malfoy could be a werewolf, she tweeted: "I’ve never seen that one before. Draco definitely isn’t a werewolf (and Snape’s not a vampire)." 

She did, however, answer whoever (?) may have wondered what Snape smells like. "Bitterness and old shoes," apparently.