DC Comics thinks Pakistan’s language is ‘Pakistanian’

'Here’s why Marvel is winning'

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DC Comics is getting royally laughed at on social media after it translated dialogue in an issue of Superman/Wonder Woman from “Pakistanian”, a very much non-existent language.

The duo were seen rescuing shepherds in the Shimshal region of Pakistan from a nefarious demigod, who threatened: “You are all crushed by your hubris and ignorance.”

The dialogue was marked with the usual angled brackets to indicate it was translated, with a footnote explaining: ‘ALL TRANSLATED FROM PAKISTANIAN —ED.’

“Here’s why @Marvel is winning over @DCComics – the latter thinks we speak Pakistanian,” Khaver Siddiqi wrote on Twitter to hundreds of retweets, presumably making reference to Marvel’s Pakistani-American superhero, Ms Marvel.

He later elaborated to The Guardian: “You know, I’m not offended personally, but when you have such a large operation and one Google search ruins your story? That offends me more.”

DC Entertainment said they would not be commenting on the error.