Foyles makes a move to fight back against the online onslaught

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Foyles makes a move to fight back against the online onslaught It’s a hard time for bookshops but Foyles is getting on the front foot. More than 100 trade professionals and authors met to envisage the bookshop’s new flagship HQ — it is moving from Charing Cross Road to the former site of Central St Martins College in London. 

The suggestions ranged from having a concert hall and an exclusive members’ bar on the top floor, according to The Bookseller. But then they moved on to how the more modest-sized bookshop could adapt and survive against the might of the online books trade. A “ personal shopper” employed to “prescribe” books for customers’ needs – a great idea, even if it sound like those ladies in Selfridges that kit you up in expensive outfits. And “ guest curation” by authors re-designing the shop floor. Beat that, Amazon.

The terror just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

“The trailer looks terrifying!” That’s what they were all saying of Guillermo del Toro’s new film, Mama, released last week and starring Jessica Chastain.

As it turned out, the trailer was the scariest thing about it. Yes, the “spooky” music was cranked up high and the poltergeist “mama” looked like a mad-eyed scarecrow, but it didn’t get close to Toro’s brilliant Pan’s Labyrinth.