Publishing first for Stephen Fry with new memoir launch

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Stephen Fry's latest memoir has been published simultaneously in hardback, as an eBook and an iPhone app.

The Fry Chronicles follows the life of the comic, known for his love of technology, from his time at university to his first steps into the world of stage and screen.

Publisher Louise Moore described the move as "innovative and groundbreaking".

She said: "I can't think of a better author to launch this kind of new publishing - Stephen himself represents everything that we hold dear and value in Britain, yet at the same time has an extraordinary knowledge and love of cutting-edge technology."

The app, which can be used on an iPhone, iPad or iPod, allows readers to skip through the book using colour coded categories to focus on different people and subjects.

The eBook includes eight videos featuring Fry discussing events in the book and photographs.

Fry is promoting the book with a show tonight at the Royal Festival Hall, in central London, which is being broadcast to more than 55 cinemas across the country.

The hardback is priced at £20, the eBook is £12.99 and the app -dubbed myFry - is £7.99.