Publishing: It's a dog's life – now read about it


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It seems that Pudsey, the most famous bichon frise-border collie-Chinese crested cross in the world, is set to join a very select group of celebrities. No, not the happy few, the band of Britain's Got Talent winners, but the chic clique of dogs who have been the subject of a biography.

Pudsey is said to have signed (well, his owner, Ashleigh Butler, probably did the actual signing, what with Pudsey having only paws) a £350,000 deal with Little, Brown for his life story. Like movie dog Rin Tin Tin and Gidget (whose book, A Famous Dog's Life: The Story of Gidget, America's Most Beloved Chihuahua, gives the inside story of her years as the Taco Bell dog. Nope, me neither), Pudsey's fans will get to read all about his highs, lows, showbiz demands and famous friends.

But what's this? Slated for release in October is Uggie – My Story: A Memoir. Pudsey had better get reminiscing soon, or we could have a dog fight for the hearts and minds of celebrity canine fans.