Terry Pratchett's Discworld series is definitely over as daughter Rhianna rules out future books

Rhianna Pratchett will not write more novels or give others permission to do

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Terry Pratchett fans, we bear bad news, as confirmation came today that there will be no more Discworld novels after The Shepherd's Crown.

When acclaimed author Pratchett died in March aged 66 after suffering from Alzheimer's, fans of his fantasy series speculated that his daughter Rhianna, a video game writer, may take up the baton and pen some herself.

But earlier this month, Rhianna said that she will not be writing any Discworld books or giving "anyone else permission to do so".

Fortunately we still have Pratchett's 41st Discworld instalment The Shepherd's Crown to look forward to this August, featuring headstrong young witch Tiffany Aching.

Rhianna released the first pictures of the cover on Twitter and insisted that yes, this is her father's "final final" book.

Larry Finlay, managing director of Pratchett's publisher Transworld, told The Bookseller that the writer's legacy will be "preserved and curated...according to his family's wishes".