Terry Pratchett graffiti pops up in London and Bristol featuring popular Discworld characters

The much-loved fantasy author died last month from Alzheimer's disease

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Fans of late fantasy writer Terry Pratchett have taken to the streets of London and Bristol to create some appropriately colourful artworks in tribute.

Bold graffiti featuring both the author’s face and characters from his Discworld series has popped up in the capital’s Brick Lane, while a further display can be found in Stokes Croft in the South West city.

The London mural depicts Josh Kirby’s book sleeves for popular Pratchett books Reaper Man and Death, with the likes of wizard Rincewind and Death himself seen on the walls of the Pillow Cinema.

London's graffiti tributes to Terry Pratchett are bold and striking (Jim Vision/Dr Zadok)

Graffiti on the walls of the Pillow Cinema in London's East End (Jim Vision/Dr Zadok)

Death is one of Terry Pratchett's most famous Discworld characters (Jim Vision/Dr Zadok)

Pratchett died last month aged 66 after suffering from the “embuggerance” of Alzheimer’s disease for eight years. He has sold more than 85 million books worldwide to date, the first Discworld novel being The Colour of Magic in 1983.

Graffiti tribute to Terry Pratchett in Bristol (Jim Vision/Dr Zadok)

Pratchett was a passionate advocate for assisted suicide and a vocal supporter of the right to die campaign. He will be remembered for his wise words about a range of issues, including his thoughts on graffiti:

“You ignore graffiti at your peril. It’s the heartbeat of a city. It’s the voice of the voiceless.”