Watch: Comedian Peter Serafinowicz sings Morrissey autobiography

The actor sings the first page to the tune of 'William It Was Really Nothing'

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Peter Serafinowicz has become the first actor to spoof Morrissey’s Autobiography by singing the first page of the book to the tune of “William It Was Really Nothing.”

The actor, who has played minor roles in Shaun of the Dead, Little Britain and Parks and Recreation, parodies Morrissey’s facial expressions while singing the breathless extract.

Serafinowicz posted the video two hours ago to YouTube, saying simply in the description “I sang his book”.

The book, however, is less tersely worded, with the first paragraph lasting four and a half pages.

Serafinowicz sings from the first page, published today as a Penguin classic: “My childhood is streets upon streets upon streets upon streets upon streets, oh streets to define you and streets to confine you. With no sign of motorway freeway or highway, somewhere beyond hides the tree of the countryside.

“For hour-less days when rains and rains lift permitting us to be amongst people who live surrounded by space and are earthed by our faces. Until then we live in forgotten Victorian knife-plunging Manchester."

The 475 page memoir, which has no indexes or chapters, reveals a number of insights into the singer’s private life, including details of his ever first relationship aged 35 with photographer Jake Walters.