Beware of the Dog, by Brian Moore

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Brian Moore is not the first sportsman to publish more than one autobiography, but surely no one has produced two so different in tone.

The 1995 version was a conventional, ghosted affair; this one is all the former England hooker's own work and while not exactly a misery memoir it is, to quote the author, "darker than its predecessor". And how; it starts with a graphic account of his sexual abuse at the age of 10, and goes on to analyse how his adoption and feelings of rejection contributed to the self-destructive, nasty streak he freely owns up to.

On the playing side, he reveals that his years with England and the Lions were riven with self-doubt, and the evident relish with which he recalls acts of violence on the pitch is somewhat disturbing. It didn't get any better after he stopped playing; he is eloquent about the uncertainty and sense of loss retirement can provoke.

Now happily married and established in a media career, he confesses he still battles his demons; thankfully for all concerned, he seems to be winning.

Published in hardback by Simon & Schuster, £17.99