Cars in Films by Martin Buckley, with Andrew Roberts

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Those familiar with the work of Martin Buckley and Andrew Roberts, both contributors to Independent Motoring and many other publications besides, will know that there is no end to their interest in the motor car. "Anorak" is too inadequate a word to describe the depth of their knowledge; it is awesome, and I mean that in a laudatory way.

The trick is to turn that expertise into entertaining copy and here, with the help of some excellent picture research, Buckley and Roberts have succeeded.

All the usual suspects are here of course: Herbie; the Minis in The Italian Job; Bond's Aston Martins; and the Pontiac from the train chase in The French Connection. The charm is in the half-forgotten automotive movie stars: the Toyota 2000GT in You Only Live Twice; Edward Fox's Alfa in The Day of the Jackal; Alfie's Vauxhall Velox. The only car I can immediately spot as missing is the Hillman Imp that was a prize in some Norman Wisdom caper. Oh dear, what was I saying about anoraks?