Enough, By John Naish

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John Naish's thesis is that we in the affluent West have more than enough of what we need, yet cannot stop gorging ourselves, both literally and metaphorically.

Having evolved in a world where there was never quite enough food, we are hard-wired to grab it whenever we get the chance; now we live in the midst of plenty but the instinct is still there. The result: growing obesity and ill-health.

We evolved to be curious about the world we live in; now, surrounded by information, we can't stop reading our emails, checking our texts, watching telly, surfing the net. The result: addled brains, short attention spans, and a great deal of wasted time.

Our instinctive need to compete, useful in dragging us out of the Stone Age, now forces us to work ever harder and longer. Result: stress, addictive drudgery, burnout. Our need to accumulate possessions has created a wasteful, consumerist society with disastrous consequences both for our souls and for the environment.

But, says, Naish, we can fight back. Our rational selves can overcome those lower-brain urges. If we follow the philosophy of "Enoughism", consciously limiting our consumption, there is hope for us yet.

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