Good Times, Bad Times, By Harold Evans


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As a new preface affirms, a "clear connecting thread" binds Rupert Murdoch's hours of humiliation before MPs this July to the events recounted in this classic memoir of the press.

Good Times, Bad Times covers the glory years of Harold Evans's tenure as editor of the Sunday Times, his move to The Times in 1981, and – in bitter, blazing forensic detail – the many catastrophes in the wake of the Murdoch takeover.

In dramatic close-focus, it records Murdoch's arrogance and contempt as he "broke all [the] guarantees" made to acquire the newspapers.

This book first appeared in 1983. Yet its damning testimony made no dent in the eagerness of politicians to lick the Murdoch boots. Evans's total vindication has taken almost 30 years – but it has arrived.