Grand Prix 2010, by Bruce Jones

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It is one of life's little ironies that the best-selling Formula One guide is still an ITV publication despite the commercial channel ceding broadcasting rights to the BBC last season.

But grand prix racing is all about change, and a number of events overtook Bruce Jones even though he did not go to press until late December, rendering his profile of the now-in-limbo US F1 team and several of his driver line-ups redundant as the season gets up and running. But there's plenty to enjoy in this well-produced package, let down only by some sloppy proof-reading.

The chapter on the rule changes for 2010 manages to explain what effect they will have without getting bogged down in technicalities; the return of the legendary engine-builders Cosworth to F1 is given prominence; and the circuit-by-circuit survey, including the new South Korea track, is enhanced by decent graphics. There's little information that couldn't be found by hunting around the internet but Jones's observations on the grand prix scene are astute and the guide will be a lively companion for any armchair petrolhead.

Published by Carlton in large-format paperback, £12.99