IoS paperback review: Ausperity: Live the Life You Want for Less, Lucy Tobin


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Since the financial crash of 2007-2008, there has been a brace of these thrift-advice books showing us how we can save on our heating bills by wearing extra jumpers and how we can see our favourite film for free at the cinema, if we're up for an early morning showing on a Tuesday, that is, rather than a Saturday night treat.

It's hard to see what Tobin adds to the genre, especially as much of the information she includes here comes from the price comparison websites most of us are familiar with by now, and is almost exclusively London-centric. Her wedding section, full of cash-saving tips I can't imagine many brides enthusing over, is indicative of the quandary these books find themselves in: are they here merely to advise us, or to challenge and change our living habits?