Lucky Kunst, By Gregor Muir


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Re-issued to coincide with Damien Hirst's retrospective at Tate Modern next week, this book will get your juices flowing. The build-up to the Tate show has sparked the usual publicity circus that always accompanies the Undisputed King of the YBA's, and this book can give you the back story on this slavering reception.

Gregor Muir, the executive director of the ICA, offers a comprehensive and entertaining overview of an über cool generation, even if its coolness appears studied – the first lines of the second chapter is "It was a fucking hot day".

Muir takes us from the YBA movement's big-fish (Hirst, Jay Jopling, Charles Saatchi and "mad Tracey from Margate"), to the adrenalin pump of opening shows, after-parties and the 'big money' side of the art.