Making Time, By Steve Taylor

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Why does time seem to speed up as we get older, racing ahead of us towards an inevitable and final end point? Why do new experiences seem to stretch time, and why does it often fly when we're having fun and drag when we aren't? Roving through an eclectic range of ideas, some drawn from psychology and psychoanalysis, a few from his own imagination, Taylor doesn't really offer answers so much as ideas. Given that this book is a popular paperback rather than a peer-reviewed thesis, that's a very good thing indeed.

Taylor seems to be a truly dedicated thinker. Lacing together athletes' stories of being "in the Zone", wherein time appears to slow, accounts of meditation techniques, moments of precognition and a Freudian understanding of the ego, can't be easy. Provocative and freewheeling, wilfully unscientific without ever dabbling in pseudoscience, this book will really start you thinking about how you can try to be free.