Paperback review: Point Your Face at This, By Demetri Martin


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This insanely enjoyable collection of drawings and cartoons by the comedian Demetri Martin was passed around my whole family. I kept finding it in different rooms of the house.

There are charming visual gags, or others with captions so good that the drawing is scarcely needed (“Cherry tomato 3, Fork 0”), or others again where a whole story is told in a couple of pictures with no words at all (man presses button to keep lift open at sight of pretty girl approaching, then presses to close doors as her consort comes into view). There are graphs with sweetly juxtaposed axes, like the one where Age is plotted against How Much You Think You Know – a classic bell-curve with the high point at age 25. The inspired silliness and wit are reminiscent of James Thurber’s cartoons. Buy this and point your face at it.