Photography: Marilyn and Me, By Lawrence Schiller


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In this "Memoir in Words and Pictures", the Life, Time and Newsweek photographer Lawrence Schiller recounts the two assignments that made his name: photographing Marilyn Monroe on set during the making of Let's Make Love, which was released in 1960, and Something's Got to Give, shown right, which was never completed.

Even from a distance of 50 years, his recollections retain a starstruck tone: "The beating of my heart went into overdrive .... Her wet skin glistened. Her eyes sparkled .... As I shot, I was sure that the pictures I was taking were going to be beautiful and unforgettable." Indeed, the book is at its most eloquent when it lets his pictures do the talking.

Containing close to 100 previously unpublished photos, it is available in a limited edition of 1,712 copies.